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Behold the new Gmail !!

21 Oct

Well, it’s nothing like everything in Gmail has changed overnight and you should start expecting a Milky Way on its page, but the how else I’m supposed to attract your attention, hmm? And no, Google hasn’t launched a new iPhone, iPad or Android version of Gmail, it’s for your browser. What’s wrong with some people? 😕

Now as you’re reading, let me tell you something quite cool. Gmail is rolling out variety of changes on Gmail and they’re quite awesome. Some of the features are much awaited and some are just to add cool quotient to already great mailing solution (it’s not just a website, mind it!).

So let’s begin with what’s coming in new Gmail update, shall we?

Note: All images are courtesy Unofficial Google Blog post.

Google has changes a lot in User Interface and user experience without changing much in overall design. The upcoming design will still be usable in the same way it’s used to be to have experience consistent.

Here is the features in details:

1. The overall UI:

New Gmail Inbox

The UI is similar to Preview/Preview (Dense) theme which we can use currently. (Go to themes and select Preview/Preview Dense). The addition to this UI is that the whole interface can resize and adjust to the screen size. I know, interface is not something you’re really bothered about, but it’s update by Gmail UI team, oops!

2. Conversation:

New Gmail Conversation

The conversation is nothing new, but just a mail-chain. It’s just plain and boring earlier. Finding who said what was tedious as well. With new changes, you can have quite cleaner conversation and photo against the contacts to easily recognize who said what. Now that’s something, which will take all the clutter out of my Inbox!

3. Improved Search:

New Gmail Search

New search options gives users finer control over their search. This feature (UI) seems much like what Outlook offers. Though I must tell you, all these search features are already present in Gmail, but now Google has taken steps to make it more accessible to the user. Now, I hope, custom searches in Gmail will go main-stream. Ugh, I generally don’t search much on Gmail, it’s no big deal for me, but definitely not a deal breaker (I must be mad for that)!

4. Adjustable Lists and Chat window:

New Lists and Chat layout

Now you can easily adjust lists and chat window to suit your need. You chat more, make the chat screen bigger and vice-versa. Also, even if you don’t always adjust yourself, Google will do it for you. I’ll let it pass, your views?

5. High-definition image themes (Sorry no pictures for this):

In addition to the modification made in UI department, Gmail has also added support for high-definition  themes, which essentially is a high-def image in the background on the new theme, something you can have right now as well, albeit in low-def. Blah, blah, blah! Who cares UI that much? 😛

Want to have closer look? Just view this video:

When will new Gmail will roll out? Well, there is no official word yet, but going by the Google distribution policies, I think it’ll start rolling in few days time (they generally don’t announce way to early). Till then, it’s the old Gmail you’ve to live with!


Get old Facebook UI back – Revisited!

5 Oct

Hi Guys,

I’ve covered a way to remove real-time news ticker and fixed nav-bar. Also, I’ve covered a way to get old Facebook UI back in my post, but it’s not working anymore. Today, I’m gonna cover most important part of Facebook – it’s News Feed Section!

As we all know, with Facebook’s recent update, the news section has gone out of hand of many people, as it’s started categorizing the news feed in various sections like New Stories, Recent Stories, etc. but which story is important to the user is not decided by us but by Facebook. And here comes the problem – we are loaded with lots of news which we don’t want to see and the news which is actually important to us is lost somewhere between useless feeds.

Well fret not! If you’re a Google Chrome user (I’m still to find the solution for other browsers), then I’ve a solution for you. Just download Facebook Classic chrome extension, install it and open/refresh your Facebook page. Now you’ll see only Recent Stories section with no blue triangle and the news feed organized in the old way! This will also remove the real-time news ticker, but it’ll be visible if chat bar is open. So just, close the chat bar and you’ll find good old Facebook back.


Get old Facebook UI back.

22 Sep

You know I absolutely love new Facebook UI and the fact that you can comment on friends’ stream right being on you home page (direct rip-off of Google+) is quite cool. Open your chat and ticker will stick to it. Very well categorized news feed on your desktop which you can control anyway you want. Sweet, isn’t it?

But I figured some guys don’t like this new UI. They feel like news bloat on their page, or simply they’re lost between finer control on every aspects. But whatever be the reason, people don’t seem to like it and desperately want the old UI back.

I’ve a solution for them which I’ve already covered in one of my Facebook posts. Log in to Facebook, and go to account settings. Now change your default Language from English US to something else (say English UK), and voila! The good old UI is back again. Beware though, this is just a workaround method and it’s due to gradual rolling of features by Facebook. Once they cover all the languages, you’ll have no other options than to switch.

I rather suggest you people get used to newer UI as this is only going to be finalized. But if you still don’t want to use newer UI even after total upgrade, I recommend you to go to Stylish and find some themes that can help you achieve this. Best of Luck!

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