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Same blog, new Destination!

27 Jul

Finally I moved my blog to my own server. And of course, if you’re reading the post, you know the new URL :P. My new blog will be a self hosted WordPress blog, unlike the previous, hosted on WordPress site.

Once I jumped to self hosted WordPress, I figured there were handful of features missing compared to WordPress.com site. This was a bit of surprise to me at first, but then finding all the features of Freemium product in a completely free package is a bit childish.

Thankfully, the WordPress.org is blessed with outstanding community that helps it to build thousands of plugins for almost any needs. So I decided to implement features of WordPress.com through these enhancements. Here’s what I did –

Before the Start –

You need to export the content of existing blog to this new blog. Following steps were easy to understand and simple to use and I was ready to sail on new blog!

  • Go to the Dashboard of existing blog, and find Tools section in the bottom of left side pane.
  • Select Export option, and then select All Content and press download.
  • Now go to Dashboard > Tools of new blog site.
  • Select Import here and choose WordPress. You can also import from other blogs if you wish to.
  • Now upload the file you’ve just downloaded from previous blog.
  • You can select to download all your media from old blog to new blog. Optionally, you can also change the post author. Done!

Once the contents get in place, it;s make for blog makeover. I’ll walk you through WordPress.com features that I’ve implemented in my blog with just 3 plugins.

Publicize –

This is nifty little feature of WordPress.com I missed a lot in my blog. With Publicize, as soon as user Publishes the blog, it gets shared through various social networks. Nice way of promotion, right?

After some searching, I found WP-AutoSharePost that does the same thing as Publicize, but it shares only on Facebook and Twitter. But it’s quite easy to configure. Install the plugin, follow their instructions (you need to create apps for Facebook and Twitter) and you’re ready to share your blog to the world.

Auto link/tag suggestions –

Another cool feature WordPress.com has is the way it suggests tags for the blog post and link suggestions for the terms that appear in the post. This really enhances the blog post and in order to have this great feature on your own blog, you just need Zemanta. This nifty plugin not only does the link and tag suggestions, but it also suggest the related posts and images to be used in our own blog. Pretty neat, ha!

Stats, comments, Sharing, Subscription, Proofreading, WP.me shortlink and Video Shortcode –

Too many features and just one more plugin to go. Unbelievable, right? But you’ll be more surprised to know that the plugin in concern offer much more than what I originally need it for. Welcome, Jetpack. With Jetpack, you can see statistics of your blog, have social sharing options for each blog post, gives the blog ability to add comment by logging-in through social network, etc. It also adds features in posting screen with proofreading, wp.me shortlink, and video shortcodes, all of which i available in WordPress.com site. Jetpack also packs more feature under it’s belt, but I have not tested them yet as I just wanted to get all the WordPress.com features.

Do note that if you’re installing Jetpack for it’s comment features, read this article to get it working properly.

With all these plugins, I mostly done emulating WordPress.com website. Although there are many features are yet to be tested in real world (I still don’t know if the sharing works, for example), I feel I have all the features I need.

I hope you’ll find the post useful, especially if you’re also planning to have self-hosted blog. If you think something else is required in this post, let me know.


How to get rid of Facebook Timeline (and bonus)?

3 Jan

If you don’t like the new Facebook Timeline and want it to removed in lieu of old Facebook Profile page, then you should know one thing – Facebook is not gonna do that, at least not anytime soon. So, can you get the old Profile page back by any means? The answer is – Yes, of course you can. Though the method is not official (in fact is complete opposite to that), it’s entirely harmless way to get the old Facebook Profile back. Read on!

Few hours back, Mashable has done the story that Facebook Timeline doesn’t work on Internet Explorer 7, citing Facebook’s recommendation of using most up-to-date version of browser. So, it’s quite simple, use Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or less and get rid of Timeline completely, isn’t it? The situation is slightly tricky here – First, if you have Windows 7 then you cannot have IE7 installed and latest version of IE(9) is already installed. Also, older version of software means lesser support, buggy experience and most of the all vulnerability to viruses. Also, in case of Facebook, chat will not work properly.

What’s the best way then? Enter the User Agents! Before you ponder about what it is (the Wikipedia page is not very comfortable to understand), lemme tell about this in brief. User agents are like identification of browsers. Simply put, a server identifies the browser by reading it’s user agent. So if you change the user agent, server will recognize you’re using different browser altogether. Easy!

Now one final question arises? How can you change the user agent? Well, there’s an app for that (or extension to be more precise). Download user agent switchers for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. It’s simple to install and once installed you’ll get the option to switch/change the user agent of browsers (see images below for details). I recommend using user agent of Internet Explorer 6 to be certain that Timeline doesn’t come up at all.

Chrome ua

Change user agent in Chrome

FF ua

Change user agent in Firefox

IE ua

Change user agent in Internet Explorer.

There are other benefits of using IE6 user agent as well – the news ticker will be gone and the chat will cover entire right part of window when opened, much like good old Facebook. once you set the user agent, just refresh the Facebook tab and see the magic! All this and that too without any issue or security problems. But keep one thing in mind, this no-Timeline thing will only appear for you and your friend will still see the Timeline if on supported browser.

Let me know if you like the trick. Till then, Happy surfing!

Facebook Desktop Messenger is here!

30 Dec

Well, almost. Although it’s available to selected few testers currently, but if you follow this link, you can get your hands on it right away! Now, as it’s clear that you can get the messenger damn easy, one question comes to mind – why one should download yet another messenger, especially when you can use web based messenger or, better, use multi-protocol Instant messengers like Pidgin? Nice question! Let’s see if we really need this messenger.

Facebook Desktop Messenger is not just a desktop messenger but it’s also a mini Facebook in itself, sans news feed of course, which makes it unique in itself. Clearly, if you’re Facebook addict, it’s a must have peice of software for you. For others, lemme go through step by step process to help you decide –

Installation of Facebook messenger is fast and easy, but it’s a web based which somewhat makes sense and it’s sole purpose is to used to access feature that requires internet connection. There is no customization feature as well, which is disheartening for tweakers.

After installation, you need to login to Facebook using your web and once logged, you get to see this message:

First Launch

This essentially means, the only way to log out of the messenger is to log out from web. There is no separate logout for the app. Also, it doesn’t have any customization option whatsoever.

Once launched, you can see the messenger is split into 2 halves – news ticker and list of firends. Surprisingly and thankfully, the size of these windows is adjustable (this is the only customization you can do for this messenger).

Messenger Windows

You can see firend requests, notifications and messages as well. Image given below shows that:

Messenger Views

One cool feature of this messenger is that it can be docked to the right of the windows, so that can always see it even if other windows are open. And also the chat window can have multiple tabs, not the first but is really a convinience!

Docked viewChat windows

Overall, it seems a pretty robust chat software and it’s look and feel is quite impressive. As I already said, it’s a must have software for Facebook addicts, but it’s also a very handy tool to try for others, especially if you’ve some friends on Facebook.

Now see what you want to, on Facebook.

18 Nov

Few time back, Facebook started experimenting with it’s news stream. As a result, Highlighted stories born, a seemingly novel idea to put news most important to user at the top, though the end result was nothing like expected. Most of the times, some stupid posts cover up your news stream and you completely loose the track of very recent stories. It seems if 4 or 5 of your friends have posted about a link, it is considered highlighted for you and kept above the news posted on your wall a second ago. This is pretty annoying, isn’t it?

I’ve seen quite a few users moving away from Facebook or at least shouting out loud in different forums/websites/blogs because of these changes and even I’s quite frustrated too. I mean, who’s Facebook to decide which story I want to read, most importantly when it fails every time in guessing that? Marking those stories as not a featured/highlighted post wouldn’t help either.

Till now, I was using some chrome extension to get only the recent stories but it seems that Facebook has finally heard our request.Actually, it heard few time back already, but the change was gradual and not all users got the control over the news feed (I got this feature today itself). With this change, now user can select if they want to see Highlighted news (current news style system) or the Recent news (the loved old style). No matter what type of news feed you choose, the pesky real-time news update will be there. So there’s no getting away from that, at least officially.

As this new feature is easy to miss, here is step-by-step procedure to control your news feed –

1. Just look for the Sort option in the top of the news.

2. Click on the Sort button and you’ll see two options – Highlighted Stories First (in bold) and Recent Stories First.

3. Select the news style you’re comfortable with and you’re done. If you prefer new Highlight style, only Sort will be written, else Sort: Recent Stories First will come.


Get old Facebook UI back – Revisited!

5 Oct

Hi Guys,

I’ve covered a way to remove real-time news ticker and fixed nav-bar. Also, I’ve covered a way to get old Facebook UI back in my post, but it’s not working anymore. Today, I’m gonna cover most important part of Facebook – it’s News Feed Section!

As we all know, with Facebook’s recent update, the news section has gone out of hand of many people, as it’s started categorizing the news feed in various sections like New Stories, Recent Stories, etc. but which story is important to the user is not decided by us but by Facebook. And here comes the problem – we are loaded with lots of news which we don’t want to see and the news which is actually important to us is lost somewhere between useless feeds.

Well fret not! If you’re a Google Chrome user (I’m still to find the solution for other browsers), then I’ve a solution for you. Just download Facebook Classic chrome extension, install it and open/refresh your Facebook page. Now you’ll see only Recent Stories section with no blue triangle and the news feed organized in the old way! This will also remove the real-time news ticker, but it’ll be visible if chat bar is open. So just, close the chat bar and you’ll find good old Facebook back.


Remove annoying real-time news ticker in Facebook.

23 Sep

Hi friends,

As I figured many of you people have found the real-time ticker feature of Facebook quite annoying and distracting and some of you felt the always visible nav-bar (the top bar in other words) is equally annoying. So I come up with a solution of some kind.

Before I continue, you must know that both of these annoyance will be fixed at your end only. Your friends can still see your updates in real-time! Second You must use Google Chrome and on other browsers things will be the same.

So, let’s proceed. Based on your requirement, you can download following Google Chrome Extensions and you’ll get the old (almost) Facebook back again.

1. Facebook News Ticker Remover – This extension, as the name suggests, will remove the real-time news ticker from your Facebook account. Less clutter, lesser distraction and no annoyance. Just install this app, refresh your Facebook tab and you’re all set. No configuration needed for this extension to work.

2. Unannoying Facebook – This extension will take care of both of the annoyance you’re having, i.e. it’ll remove real-time news ticker as well as fixed nav-bar. Again there is no configuration needed, just install the extension and reload the facebook tab, and voila! both real-time ticker and fixed nav-bar is gone for good. You can now get the old Facebook (in a way) back!

Please try these extension as per your requirement and don’t forget to let me know your experience. Also, if you’ve any cool and clean method to get rid of issue in concern, do let me know. I’ll definitely include in my blog!

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