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Get old Facebook UI back – Revisited!

5 Oct

Hi Guys,

I’ve covered a way to remove real-time news ticker and fixed nav-bar. Also, I’ve covered a way to get old Facebook UI back in my post, but it’s not working anymore. Today, I’m gonna cover most important part of Facebook – it’s News Feed Section!

As we all know, with Facebook’s recent update, the news section has gone out of hand of many people, as it’s started categorizing the news feed in various sections like New Stories, Recent Stories, etc. but which story is important to the user is not decided by us but by Facebook. And here comes the problem – we are loaded with lots of news which we don’t want to see and the news which is actually important to us is lost somewhere between useless feeds.

Well fret not! If you’re a Google Chrome user (I’m still to find the solution for other browsers), then I’ve a solution for you. Just download Facebook Classic chrome extension, install it and open/refresh your Facebook page. Now you’ll see only Recent Stories section with no blue triangle and the news feed organized in the old way! This will also remove the real-time news ticker, but it’ll be visible if chat bar is open. So just, close the chat bar and you’ll find good old Facebook back.


Beautify Google+ and boost usability (Chrome only).

15 Jul

Google+ is surely a current buzzword. Everyone is talking about it, even if they don’t get a invite!

Now once you’re on Google+, you may find a lots of things missing from it. Owing to its project status, we can’t expect Google to fix everything right away. The solution?

Use these great plugins for Chrome to beautify it and make it more usable than ever.

1. Stylish: This is amazing little Chrome extension. With this tool, you can beautify practically any website. But we’re talking Google+ here, so grab any of these themes as per your liking, and you’re done. A new, slick and quite beautiful Google+ is now waiting for you!

2. GTools+: This is nifty little tool can customize various parts of Google+, like making Google Bar sticky, having chat moved to Google bar, and GMail and Reader unread count in Google bar and many more. A must have.

3. +Photo Zoom: Isn’t this both obvious and expected? This extension does exactly as the name. It gives a small button on right side of Google bar to enable and disable zooming of any photo on Google+.

4. Start G+: You’ve quite used to Facebook and Twitter and although Google+ is nice, you don’t want to leave these social networks. Simple! Use Start G+. It provides Facebook and Twitter stream right in the Google+ window so that you don’t have to leave Google+ ever again!

5. Share+: Google+ is good and you can like others post as well, but what if you want to share these posts to other social networks? Don’t worry, Share+ has you covered. It gives you the option to share any post to various social networks.

Tell me what do you think of these extensions for Google+? Also tell me if you’ve some cool little extension for Google+ in mind. Till then, keep rocking!

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