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Get old Facebook UI back – Revisited!

5 Oct

Hi Guys,

I’ve covered a way to remove real-time news ticker and fixed nav-bar. Also, I’ve covered a way to get old Facebook UI back in my post, but it’s not working anymore. Today, I’m gonna cover most important part of Facebook – it’s News Feed Section!

As we all know, with Facebook’s recent update, the news section has gone out of hand of many people, as it’s started categorizing the news feed in various sections like New Stories, Recent Stories, etc. but which story is important to the user is not decided by us but by Facebook. And here comes the problem – we are loaded with lots of news which we don’t want to see and the news which is actually important to us is lost somewhere between useless feeds.

Well fret not! If you’re a Google Chrome user (I’m still to find the solution for other browsers), then I’ve a solution for you. Just download Facebook Classic chrome extension, install it and open/refresh your Facebook page. Now you’ll see only Recent Stories section with no blue triangle and the news feed organized in the old way! This will also remove the real-time news ticker, but it’ll be visible if chat bar is open. So just, close the chat bar and you’ll find good old Facebook back.


Remove annoying real-time news ticker in Facebook.

23 Sep

Hi friends,

As I figured many of you people have found the real-time ticker feature of Facebook quite annoying and distracting and some of you felt the always visible nav-bar (the top bar in other words) is equally annoying. So I come up with a solution of some kind.

Before I continue, you must know that both of these annoyance will be fixed at your end only. Your friends can still see your updates in real-time! Second You must use Google Chrome and on other browsers things will be the same.

So, let’s proceed. Based on your requirement, you can download following Google Chrome Extensions and you’ll get the old (almost) Facebook back again.

1. Facebook News Ticker Remover – This extension, as the name suggests, will remove the real-time news ticker from your Facebook account. Less clutter, lesser distraction and no annoyance. Just install this app, refresh your Facebook tab and you’re all set. No configuration needed for this extension to work.

2. Unannoying Facebook – This extension will take care of both of the annoyance you’re having, i.e. it’ll remove real-time news ticker as well as fixed nav-bar. Again there is no configuration needed, just install the extension and reload the facebook tab, and voila! both real-time ticker and fixed nav-bar is gone for good. You can now get the old Facebook (in a way) back!

Please try these extension as per your requirement and don’t forget to let me know your experience. Also, if you’ve any cool and clean method to get rid of issue in concern, do let me know. I’ll definitely include in my blog!

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